Sad Cowboy Platonic Love

Sad Cowboy Platonic Love

Sad Cowboy Platonic Love

(16 mins 45 secs, Switzerland)


Ciel Sourdeau is an emerging French director and music composer who studied fine arts and cinema at Geneva High School of Arts and Design. He is a paper-mâché fanatic and aspires to play with the classical codes and rules of cinema, using humour as a gateway to surrealist parallel universes.


Desperate for love and with her kingdom at the mercy of a fierce dragon, Queen Clotaire puts out a call for assistance. The courageous Crystal Cowboy must master mischievous musical gnomes and the lure of an enchanted forest if they wish to save their homeland and prove their worth. Making use of a stylistic approach that defies the codes and conventions of traditional cinema, this film will immerse you within its dreamlike fantasy.

Additional Credits

Writer: Ciel Sourdeau
Editors: Angèle Georges Boucard, Ciel Sourdeau
Producer: HEAD Geneva – Geneva School of Arts and Design
Music and sound design: Ciel Sourdeau
Costumes and accessories: Marlène Charpentié
Lights: Julian Egger, Nathan Clément, Maëlwenn Lobbé, Rayan Abdelrahman, Pierre Lebret, Claude Payen de la Pierre, Louis Rebetez
Starring: Marlène Charpentié, Louise Bonpaix, Greta Gratos, Zeltia Robin, Emy Curti, Lucas Belloc

Film School

HEAD Geneva – Geneva School of Arts and Design

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