Sex and Pop-corn

Sex and Pop-corn

Sex and Pop-corn

(9 mins, Italy)


Marco Filpi is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Audio, Video and Multimedia in Palermo, with a thesis on the new wave of Korean Cinema. He subsequently attended Scuola di Cinema Piano Focale in Palermo where he made his first short movie, Sex and Pop-corn. He is currently attending film school in Rome. 


A jaded modern-day couple discussing sex, movies, and the ideal cinema experience, taking us through a typical night in their exhausted relationship. This satirical and entertaining look at cinephilia leaves us with an important question: will they ever decide which film to watch?

Additional Credits

Writers: Marco Filpi, Alice Fradella, Matilde De Angelis
Producers: Giuseppe Gligliorosso, Gianni Cannizzo
Director of Photography: Alberto Lana
Editor: Alessandra Martinez
Music: Tindaro Raffaele
Cast: Carlotta Tagliareni, Patrick Andrade Mendes

Film School

Scuola di Cinema Piano Focale

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