(10 mins 42 secs, Poland)


Karolina Monwid-Olechnowicz is a student at Krzysztof Kieślowski Film School and winner of the Grand Prix at the 2020 Viva! Photo Awards. Her films have received awards at several festivals globally, including Tous Courts, Porto Femme, and BJX Bajío. She creates an intimate original cinema focused on discovering hidden emotions, often embedded in the original microworld to encourage viewers to reflection.


Are we facades cruising through everyday life? Or merely a vessel for one’s own thoughts? Do we exist because we think, or do we think because we exist? What lies behind the depth of our eyes? Soliloquium explores the inexplorable, diving deep into one’s stream of consciousness.

Additional Credits

Writer: Karolina Monwid-Olechnowicz
Editor: Jakub Ignarski
Producer: Krystna Doktorowicz
Sound Design: Szymon Orłowski
Starring: Martyna Dyląg, Klaudia Janas

Film School

Krzysztof Kieślowski Film School

2 thoughts on “Soliloquium

  1. I feel touched by the aesthetics of the film and the incredible variation of emotions. The intertwined frames create a mysterious mood. I’m impressed. :))

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