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The Gallery

(8 mins 06 secs, Austria)


Cordula Rieger is a film student studying directing in the class of Michael Haneke at Filmakademie Wien. She has written and directed several fictional and experimental short films and documentaries and appeared in The Notes of Anna Azzori, which was part of the Berlinale Forum in 2020.


In the spirit of sisterhood and solidarity, the members of an intersectional feminist group come together to put into words the sexualised violence they have endured. In this film, we follow the courage of an ensemble of women, who through their actions, turn their individual stories into a powerful movement of strength and unity.

Additional Credits

Writer: Cordula Rieger
Cinematography: Anna Viola Haderer
Sound: Selina Nenning, Antonin Dalmasso
Editing: Célia Caroubi, Cordula Rieger

Film School

Filmakademie Wien

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