The Inbetween

The Inbetween

The Inbetween

(6 mins 20 secs, Spain)


Juanse Sebastian Bossano began his animation studies in his place of birth: Quito, Ecuador. He has since relocated to Valencia, Spain, to continue his studies at Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. He currently works at Black Studio.


A freelance animator struggles the night before the deadline of an important project as her artwork becomes a demonic incarnation of her anxieties.

Additional Credits

Sound Design: Carlos Mansa
Voice Actor: Karina McMahon
Concept Art: Daniela Zapata, Nach Trueba

Film School

Universidad Politécnica de Valencia

22 thoughts on “The Inbetween

  1. How creative! Interesting…From the music to the plot of the story that’s being told without words…. and it perfectly delivered the message! Attention to details, colors, sequencing….Great work!


  2. Una animación perfectamente ambientada y que consigue recrear en cada uno de nosotros como espectadores, los miedos y dudas a que nos enfrentamos día a día.


  3. Muy bueno. Refleja la angustia en el proceso de un proyecto, quizá con poco tiempo para terminarlo.


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