Waiting for Your Phone Call

Waiting for Your Phone Call

Waiting for Your Phone Call

(14 mins 39 secs, Indonesia)


Aldis Elwan is a filmmaker and student at the Indonesian Institute of The Arts Surakarta, majoring in Film and Television. His films have been featured at several festivals, including the International Inter University Short Film Festival and Cinemapua International Student Short Film Festival.


When his young son makes the decision to seek fame and fortune in the city, a widowed father is left alone with the promise that he will call. As the days pass, the old man must adapt to life on his own, his sole means of contact a seemingly broken mobile phone. Why are there no calls? What is the son hiding?

Additional Credits

Writer: Aldis Elwan
Producer: Farah Nida Lestari, Amelia Ayu Octaviani
Director of Photography: Adi Prakoso
Cast: Achmad El Achson

Film School

Indonesia Institute of The Arts Surakarta

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