Women’s Business

Women’s Business

Women’s Business

(8 mins 34 secs, Austria)


Jennifer Gartler has a love of directing and concept development and has directed a number of projects at UAS St. Polten. Her passion lies above all in bringing an idea to life. In addition to filmmaking, Jennifer also works in advertising production.


Through brief insights into personal stories, Women’s Business explores the issues and conflicts faced by today’s women. A stunning and narratively innovative treatment of real-life stories and experiences, set within the confines of a nightclub bathroom.

Additional Credits

Writer: Claudia Ploner
Producer: Tanja Ploner
Director of Photography: Livia Ringl
Cast: Una Maja Nowak, tschuci, Sarah Leidl, Magdalena Mayr, Damaris Henn, Lena Rose, Jasmin Weißmann

Film School

UAS St. Pölten

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